Why this Blog?

This blog started in mid 2013 as a way for me to help share some of the knowledge and wisdom I've gathered over the year in a more en-mass route. It was a great suggestion by someone who I admire a lot and I had promised that I would do it at least for a good year to see what the reaction and fall-out would be. 

Recently I have really enjoyed being able to share my knowledge and experience with not just internal company teams but via the web with this blog. (Internal SAP colleagues please see my SCN blog). This has serendipitously blossomed into opportunities to collaborate with individuals over the web and various in-person engagements. 

 If you are interested in collaborating or want to work together, please reach out to me (especially if you are nearby in the GTA or Waterloo area). One of my greatest joys in life is meeting and swapping stories and experiences with amazing people I meet.

For anyone who is interesting reproducing any blog posting in part or whole, please contact me. In most cases I'd be more than willing to share. For anyone who is looking to either guest post in this blog or vice versa, please reach out to me. :)

Hope this blog helps...

Wayne Pau

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