Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Why I love my Levis (Quality Never Goes Out of Style)

I think I have always loved wearing jeans. One of my current pairs of jeans are Red Tab 'Levis' 514. The other day I had a peek at the inside label and it caught my attention with a great slogan:

"Quality Never Goes Out of Style"

I'm not in marketing, but I thought was a great slogan. Yet even better than the slogan was the small print below that said:

"Please Donate When No Longer Needed"

This is a company that is after my own heart. That..

  1. They know they've created a durable produce that will most likely outlast the initial user
  2. In a more "green" thinking mentality is asking the original owner to pass them along (at potentially no gain to Levis' themselves). 

I did some more digging and it turns out that on their website, they have a image of environmental "care tag" they thought about putting on all of their jeans that actually said "Donate to Goodwill":

See: http://levistrauss.com/about/values-vision

I was equally impressed to see that on their vales page, "Empathy" was the #1 company value (Full list is Empathy, Originality, Integrity and Courage). I've been doing a lot of Design Thinking work @ SAP lately and Empathy is at the core of this new way of thinking. Also been in discussions with people like UX expert Steve Krug (http://www.sensible.com/) and he talked about thinking about "UX-as-empathy". 

I'm currently working at the software giant SAP right now and I was thinking, could we not approach Software the same way? I do know that SAP has software that has been running for decades. I'd love for the software I'm working on be built to last as long as a good pair of jeans. Hopefully just as comfy and dependable too!

(For the record, Levis along with *a lot* of other clothing companies are an SAP shop, but that's a totally different discussion!)



p.s. as a timely update, turns out the Levis is now showing off PET jeans:


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