About Me

This is attempt to provide you more information about me personally.

(Wayne volunteering at 2015 Junior Achievement SAP Titan Challenge)

Wayne is an often sleep deprived father of two very young daughters he absolutely adores. He graduated at the University of Waterloo, as a Systems Design Engineer where he sat at the back of the class, partied too hard, crammed for exams too last minute and did his fourth year project on guitar pedals and tube distortion! 

Wayne’s hobby is really a collection of more hobbies. At one point he had 14 guitars, 4 drums sets and more AV equipment than some high school AV departments. His basement is currently a photography studio and his latest hobby is collecting Star Wars LEGO! Around the office he is known for his collection of useless facts like: "German Chocolate isn’t really German but American, named after chocolatier Sam German"

Luckily he found a job at (...a company that got bought out by another company that got bought out by another company that got bought out again by...) German software giant SAP. After over 10 years of building great mobile apps and solutions for iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc, his group with SAP Labs Canada was repurposed as the Emerging Technologies team where they focus on things that SAP should be involved in the next few years. Currently the specific focus has been on enabling SAP's foray into Internet of Things.

Come talk to him after the event as he always loves meeting new people and discussing the cool things they are doing.

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